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Our primary goal at Sacred is to ensure that our psilocybin spores are of the highest possible quality for current scientific study.

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Our specialist staff are thoroughly trained, and we adhere to rigorous standards for a clean lab setting. This allows us to provide the finest quality magic mushroom spore syringes available in the market for microscopic exploration. These are not mushroom cultivation kits, and they’re made to be used specifically for research purposes. We take pleasure in providing high-quality psilocybe cubensis, as well as exceptional client service. We’re confident in our rigorous laboratory controls and microscopic study standards that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to our clients. We provide the highest quality psilocybin mushroom spores for scientific study, every time, because we are experts in the industry.

Psilocybe Mushroom Spore Syringes from the Industry Leaders

Sacred sells high-quality, lab-grade spore prints for microscopy to mycologists looking for higher quality and purity in each purchase. Psilocybin magic mushrooms are present in a variety of genus and species. Customers that expect 100% satisfaction in the quality of our mushroom spore syringes will not be disappointed by our products. Every syringe contains higher amounts of psilocybin spores than other suppliers, resulting in better choices, potency, and quantity.

How Do We Compare To Other Providers in Terms of Price?

We are enthusiastic about our operational procedures and the value they produce for our psilocybin spores. Your psilocybin spores will be of the same high quality and purity throughout every purchase. We are well-versed in the science of psychedelic mushrooms. Our products are second to none and priced affordably, so customers interested in learning more about magic psilocybin spores will be happy. If you’re buying psilocybin spores, we want to ensure that you’re happy with your purchase and consider our psilocybe spores a good value. We sell psilocybe cubensis spores, which are ideal for microscopic study and identification.

What to Expect When You Purchase a Spore Syringe

With many psilocybin spores in each container, you may anticipate to receive laboratory grade spore syringes. When hallucinogenic mushrooms are transported, they will not lose their effectiveness and potency. You may expect only pure product and spores, with no contaminants. You are not required or expected to cultivate or harvest these psilocybe mushrooms. We don’t provide instructions on how to germinate, grow, and harvest mycelium spores. We are a specialized provider of pure psychedelic mushrooms (spore syringes) for microscopic study, not growing. In many areas of the United States, growing and harvesting fresh psychedelic truffles is prohibited. It is also unlawful to possess spore syringes in a number of states. People may experiment and learn by seeking for fresh mushroom caps in nature. We provide a controlled access to spores, allowing customers to learn about these magic truffles if they do not have access to them in the wild. Our spore develop in a sterile environment – the highest grade spore solution.

In many nations, dried mushroom psychedelics are allowed and not only limited to microscopic study. In the United States, laws vary. Spore syringes cannot be grown in most states. In California, Idaho, and Georgia, possession of spore syringes is prohibited. We only sell psilocybin spores where laws allow – please research are magic mushroom spores legal in your area.

We will not answer questions about:

We will not provide instructions on how to cultivate magic mushrooms from your spore syringe purchase. We will not answer any questions or provide any instructions on how to take magic mushrooms or how to make them into dried magic mushrooms. We do not provide instructions on the mushroom growing process. We do not sell mushroom cultivation kits. Our psilocybin mushrooms are not intended for human consumption or personal usage. We do not sell spores for personal use. The psilocybe cubensis spore prints on our shop are intended to be used for identification only and not to produce cultivated mushrooms that will be utilized solely for legal purposes. Some states, including California, have laws banning psilocybin spore syringes. It’s critical for a consumer of spore syringes to be aware of the applicable laws in their area regarding controlled substances. These psilocybin mushrooms are not meant for human consumption, cultivation or personal psychedelic mushroom use. We don’t disclose the mycelium’s growth process. We do not sell spore-containing syringes for consumption, only for research.