Albino Penis Envy Mushroom Spores


Albino Penis Envy Mushroom Spores


Albino Penis Envy magic mushroom spores are quite a unique strain. This strain is a special hybrid between Penis Envy and PF Albino strains, making this strain the subject of special interest among enthusiasts and researchers. Our Albino Penis Envy mushroom spores boast white aging gills that turn a soft blue color when touched.

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Albino Penis Envy, often known as APE, is a hybrid between the popular Penis Envy and the uncommon PF Penis spore strains of the Psilocybe cubensis magic mushroom. Albino Penis Envy mushrooms produce extremely few spores, making spore propagation difficult. This, along with their distinct look and heightened potency, makes them a sought-after mushroom variety. While studying this strain under a microscope can be difficult, it is well worth the effort since the spores are stunning and endlessly amusing to look at.

The look of the Albino Penis Envy strain is pale, ghostly, and almost milky. The Albino Penis Envy strain has compact, nearly transparent stems, whereas the standard Penis Envy strain has a considerably broader stem. This Penis Envy variant is likewise much smaller than its parent version. This strain is also notable for having caps that do not fully open when fully mature.

The Discovery of Albino Penis Envy magic mushroom spores: Mycologists discovered the original Penis Envy in the wild and crossed it with PF Albino Penis spores to generate the hybrid Albino Penis Envy’s distinctive and exquisite look. As a result of this cross-breeding, a variety of mutations and hybrids have been developed. Unfortunately, there is little information about who exactly created the Albino Penis Envy psilocybin mushroom spores, though there are rumors of individuals online who created the strain. Albino Penis Envy mushrooms exist naturally in subtropical areas in grains, animal manure, and ultra-rich soils.

Growth Characteristics of Albino Penis Envy shroom spores: The body of the Albino Penis Envy strain is thick, with fat stems and tiny caps. The Albino Penis Envy mushroom gets its name from its phallic shape. When completely developed, the cap of this strain has a relatively tiny diameter and a blue hue. When injured, the stem develops a grey-blue color, which is fortunate. Because they are more difficult to work with than other popular strains, these spores are recommended for expert researchers. The grown fruiting body grown from Albino Penis Envy psilocybin spores are considered to be very potent. At maturity, Albino Penis Envy caps are around 30mm in diameter and concave to slightly convex. Grown mushrooms have a velum or veil and are pale white to yellowish in color, frequently with blue tinges. This mushroom’s flesh is white and bruises easily to a blue green color. On four-spored basidia, this strain’s spores are frequently white, sometimes purplish-brown, and subellipsoid.

What You Get in Our Kit of Albino Penis Envy Spores: Customers will receive a 10mil syringe filled with sterile water with Albino Penis Envy mushroom spores suspended in the solution. Ensure that your spore syringe is refrigerated for up to three months upon receiving.

Warning: The cultivation of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms is illegal in the United States of America on a federal level. Sacred Mushroom Spores sells psychedelic mushroom spores for the sole purpose of microscopic study, research, and amateur mycology. Users are not legally permitted to cultivate psilocybe cubensis spores in the United States.

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10ml Albino Penis Envy mushroom spores in a syringe with a sterile needle included.