Creeper Mushroom Spores


Creeper Mushroom Spores


Our Creeper mushroom spore syringes produce mushrooms with massive fruits of the highest potency. This popular strain is popular amongst beginner hobbyists and researchers, mostly due to its ease of growth. The Creeper strain was first discovered in Maui, Hawaii, where it thrived in wet conditions and warm temperatures. This strain boasts large caps that form round shapes and very fleshy stems.

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The Creeper magic mushroom spore strain is well-known for being a quick colonizer and an excellent research strain for novices and advanced researchers alike. This psychedelic mushroom strain is among the most desired of the cubensis due to its unique appearance and visually interesting spores. We would recommend this particular strain for intermediate or advanced researchers, though realistically anyone could easily examine Creeper spores with a good microscope.

The Discovery of the Creeper Mushroom

Keeper’s Creepers is another name for this type, since an internet farmer named Keeper claims to have discovered it. This cultivar is supposed to have been found on the Hawaiian island of Maui, and it was given the name Creeper because of its ease and speed of growth. Unfortunately, the origins and genetics of this breed remain unknown. According to some stories, the Creeper cubensis was discovered in a pile of cow manure on a farm in Hawaii. However, there is no evidence to support this allegation. This cultivar thrives in both tropical and subtropical climes, preferring rye or wheat straw, bovine or horse manure, and enriched soils.

The Growth Characteristics of Creeper Mushrooms

The Creeper cubensis is a prolific colonizer with medium to big fruits. Many researchers like this strain since it is the forerunner of mycelium that colonizes more quickly than other strains. Researchers may discover traits in this strain’s spores that are visual predecessors to the spore’s quick colonization abilities. The Creeper strain produces mushrooms with spherical caps and sturdy stems. The caps are red-brown in color while young and become yellow as they age. The caps may reach a diameter of 35mm, while the stems can reach 120mm in length and are pale yellow or white in hue. The gills of adult Creeper mushrooms are also renowned for being broad and projecting, and when injured, the cap or stem becomes a bluish tint, similar to other strains.

What You’ll Get with Your Creeper Mushroom Kit

Our spore research kit includes a 10mL syringe containing your selected strain in our sterile research solution and includes a sterile 18 gauge needle. Each spore syringe sold by Sacred Mushroom Spores should be refrigerated immediately after use and can last for a year or more.

Customer note: Sacred Mushroom Spores is pleased to offer psilocybin mushroom spores and psilocybe cubensis spores to our loyal customers and amateur researchers. It’s worth mentioning, though, that cultivating or consuming psilocybin spores and fruiting bodies is illegal in the United States. Adult mushrooms cannot be grown from psychedelic mushroom spores, which can only be utilized for research. Sacred Mushroom Spores solely sells mushroom spores for the purpose of microscopic research and study.

Are you a fan of magic mushroom spores and the study of shroom spores at a microscopic level? Visit Sacred Mushroom Spores to see our other unique types and strains of mushroom spores for sale!

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10ml of premium Creeper mushroom spores in a syringe with a sterile needle included.