Mexican Dutch King Mushroom Spores


Mexican Dutch King Mushroom Spores


The Mexican Dutch King psilocybe cubensis mushroom strain was first discovered in Mexico before it was brought across the globe to the Netherlands by mycologists and researchers. The psilocybin in this strain is known for its healing properties and was originally called “Teonanácatl” or “God Fungus” by the Aztecs that cultivated it for medicinal purposes thousands of years ago. Despite its intense reputation, this is a very easy strain to cultivate and study for beginners.

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The Mexican Dutch King variety, which originated in Mexico but is now widely cultivated in the Netherlands, is very rhizomorphic. Under a variety of settings, the mycelium from Mexican Dutch King mushroom spores may generate large harvests. When examined under a microscope, this strain is rather intriguing. It is ideal for rookie mycologists and researchers because of its capacity to live in a broad range of settings. Taxonomists can compare the spore structures of this variety to those of its ancestors for a better understanding of the variety’s evolution thanks to the variety’s well-documented breeding procedure. This is a spore strain you must have if you take your studies seriously.

The Discovery of Mexican Dutch King Mushrooms

The Mexican Dutch King strain was produced by Dutch mycologists in the Netherlands and is derived from Mexican strains of magic mushroom spores. This variety was farmed and consumed across Holland before the regulations regulating the use of recreational drugs in the Netherlands were amended, and because of its widespread availability, it became one of the most well-researched types as well.

The Growth Characteristics of Mexican Dutch King Mushrooms

The caps of this mushroom type may grow to be over 45mm in diameter and have a cinnamon brown to light brown tint. Like the Ecuador mushroom species, the caps feature a nipple on top. Although there is considerable diversity in form, the crown is typically bell-shaped and spherical. Mexican Dutch King mushroom stems are narrow and grow to be between 50mm and 120mm in length. They are white with subtle yellow tints, and when touched or injured, they become blue. This color is distinct from other types’ blueish green hues. This mushroom spore strain produces a lot of fruit in a wide range of environments.

What You’ll Get with Your Mexican Dutch King Mushroom Kit

Our spore research kit includes a 10mL syringe containing your selected strain in our sterile research solution and includes a sterile 18 gauge needle. Each spore syringe sold by Sacred Mushroom Spores should be refrigerated immediately after use and can last for a year or more.

Note: Sacred Mushroom Spores is proud to provide psilocybin mushroom spores and psilocybe cubensis spores to our dedicated fans and amateur researchers. However, it’s worth noting that it is not legal in the United States to cultivate or consume psilocybin spores and fruiting bodies. Psychedelic mushroom spores can only be used for study and cannot be used to grow adult mushrooms. Sacred Mushroom Spores only offers mushroom spores for sale for the purpose of microscopic study and research.

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