Penis Envy Mushroom Spores


Penis Envy Mushroom Spores


The Penis Envy strain is one of the most well-known and loved psilocybin mushroom strains on the planet, and they are grown around the world, though many believe it was originally discovered in Colombia. The bulbous, curious-looking caps give this strain its name. This strain is a mutation, so it cannot be harvested the same way other strains of psilocybe cubensis spores are.

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Out of every strain of cubensis mushroom out there, the Penis Envy strain is definitely one of the most common and also the most beloved. This strain has given rise to several substrains, including the Albino Penis Envy variant. Penis envy mushrooms, according to many users, provide a more powerful, visual, and euphoric experience than other cubensis types. This is a must-have for any amateur researcher who wants to investigate mushrooms under a microscope.

The Discovery of the Penis Envy Mushroom

There is no conclusive evidence as to where the penis envy mushroom originated. However, rumor has it that this strain came from a very huge and vigorous Psilocybe cubensis mushroom discovered in the Amazon rainforest by Terence McKenna, a psychonaut and speaker. Because of the 1971 UN Convention on Psychotropic Substances, magic mushrooms were prohibited in most nations while McKenna was in the Amazon in the early 1970s. However, because mushroom spores do not contain psilocybin or psilocin, the main ingredients in magic mushrooms, this regulation did not apply to them. McKenna grabbed spore prints from the fungus he discovered and flew back to the United States with him. He began growing mushrooms from these prints as soon as he returned to Colorado.

The Growth Characteristics of Penis Envy Mushrooms

Penis envy mushrooms have a phallic form, as its name indicates. This phallic appearance, while comical, is not entirely that different from other cubensis strains. They feature a thick, wrinkled stem and are bigger than most other psilocybin mushroom varieties. Some believe the original, wild-growing penis envy mushroom was even larger than the variety we have today. Penis envy mushrooms have a bulging cap that opens up and detaches from the thick stalk only sometimes. They normally range in color from a light tan to a deeper brown, with differences among the many species. The presence of blue bruises on the stem may indicate a high psilocybin concentration. They can also be distinguished by their undeveloped cap and the lack of a velum (also sometimes known as a “veil”) that detaches the cap from the stem.

What You’ll Get with Your Penis Envy Mushrooms Kit

Our spore research kit includes a 10mL syringe containing your selected strain in our sterile research solution and includes a sterile 18 gauge needle. Each spore syringe sold by Sacred Mushroom Spores should be refrigerated immediately after use and can last for a year or more. 

Customer note: Sacred Mushroom Spores is pleased to offer psilocybin mushroom spores and psilocybe cubensis spores to our loyal customers and amateur researchers. It’s worth mentioning, though, that cultivating or consuming psilocybin spores and fruiting bodies is illegal in the United States. Adult mushrooms cannot be grown from psychedelic mushroom spores, which can only be utilized for research. Sacred Mushroom Spores solely sells mushroom spores for the purpose of microscopic research and study. 

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