Thai Pink Buffalo Mushroom Spores

Thai Pink Buffalo Mushroom Spores


Originally discovered in Thailand, the Pink Buffalo magic mushroom strain is also found in all of the Americas. This strain boasts very long stems that can reach 20 cm easily. This strain is unique in that it has a reflective appearance and bruised a very vivid blue.

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Pink Buffalo mushrooms, also known as Hairy Buffalo mushrooms and Thai Pink Buffalo mushrooms, are a strain of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. The spores and fruiting bodies of Pink Buffalo mushroom are among the most coveted mushrooms discovered in Asia. It’s regarded as a strain with a high level of activity. In comparison to most other mushroom spore strains, it is extremely rhizomorphic and colonizes quickly. This is an absolute must-have for all levels of amateur researchers.

The Discovery of Pink Buffalo Mushrooms

This psilocybe cubensis variety of mushroom was initially discovered on a farm in Thailand, where it was growing on a mound of manure and straw as a mushroom substrate. The Pink Buffalo strain of psilocybin mushrooms was identified by renowned mycologist John Allen. He discovered the strain, according to legend, in a field where a holy pink buffalo had been spotted. Current mycologists believe it can also be found in Thai rice paddies where water buffalo graze. There’s a bit of Thai mythology that says seeing pink buffalo shrooms blooming in the wild is also good luck.

The Growth Characteristics of Pink Buffalo Mushrooms

Pink Buffalo is an excellent strain to begin studying if you’re interested in researching Asian cubensis mushroom spore strains, but one should definitely have some expertise as a microscopist first. This mushroom spore strain is particularly unique and exquisite in maturity and under the microscope. Its caps range in size from big to extremely large, measuring between 25 and 75 mm in diameter. Colors range from reddish brown to cinnamon brown to a light cream, with a prominent nipple in the middle. The surface of the cap can also become viscid, giving it a more gelatinous feel than other mushrooms. Its stems range in color from pale cream to yellow and are rather long, measuring between 125 and 200 mm in length. When the stems are injured, they become a deep blue color. Its gills have been seen to change color from gray to black.

What You’ll Get with Your Pink Buffalo Mushroom Kit

Our spore research kit includes a 10mL syringe containing your selected strain in our sterile research solution and includes a sterile 18 gauge needle. Each spore syringe sold by Sacred Mushroom Spores should be refrigerated immediately after use and can last for a year or more.

Note: Sacred Mushroom Spores is proud to provide psilocybin mushroom spores and psilocybe cubensis spores to our dedicated fans and amateur researchers. However, it’s worth noting that it is not legal in the United States to cultivate or consume psilocybin spores and fruiting bodies. Psychedelic mushroom spores can only be used for study and cannot be used to grow adult mushrooms. Sacred Mushroom Spores only offers mushroom spores for sale for the purpose of microscopic study and research.

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